Hookup culture at DU

The slideshow is a collection of photos that relate to my story about the hookup culture on DU’s campus and social media’s contribution. The point I want to get across is the fact that dating is not popular in this generation. College students tend to be involved in casual hookup relationships instead. This slideshows intention is to inform the viewer about that topic by using photos with captions.

The slideshow features many different types of photos. There are a few close-ups and then some long shots. Each photo is paired with a caption that is either a quote from the original article or an idea that was discussed. After viewing this slideshow the viewer should come away with knowledge about the hookup culture that takes place on DU’s campus.

I took a variety of photos. Some of the photo I chose to take depicted sexual acts or insecurities. I did this to give the reader a tangible look of the topic. I also included photos of couples or romantic gestures as examples for the reader to see the different dating aspects at DU.

The photographic process was somewhat difficult. I don’t have many friends at DU that are in relationships, therefore it was hard to capture that aspect. I had trouble coming up with some ideas for photos but overall I’m content with the final photos I decided to include. There were some photos that I did not include such as places where couples go on dates. I think next time I would include that because it would give a more detailed look at the locations. I chose not to include photos of parties or the inside of bars because it was too invasive of people’s privacy.

My slideshow is related to the issue story because I used material from my issue story to caption each of my photos. Although the slideshow is not as detailed, it tells the same story that my written issue story tells. The photo project made me look at the issue differently because it provided more context and a visual depiction that the written story did not do.

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