Plenty of stress on student athletes

This slideshow tells a story of the type of stress athletes go through on a regular basis. Whether it’s nutrition, social life, treatment, lifting or school work, student athletes can endure higher stress levels than a regular college student.

With intentions mainly to help share some athletes struggles with balancing life within a very busy schedule, I also wanted to share the stories of what student athletes may have to experience everyday. Although they may not have stress upon them personally, this slideshow consist of an average day in the life of a student athlete.

I really enjoyed this project and being able to understand a different form of journalism. It has made me want to open my horizons now and hopefully later on in my career.

There were some obstacles when trying to get the perfect shot. In most cases, I wanted the picture to be candid (not posed) so moving subjects were hard to manage at first.

After taking these photos, I realized that most of them were in one location, consisting of the same people, and almost telling the same story. I wish I would’ve realized this sooner and maybe took the time to photograph other sports teams as well as different settings.

With that being said, I wish I had reread my Issue Story more in-depth. I did however use quotes and a pulled a lot of wording from the original story, but if I had really reread and understood Dr.D-H’s notes more clearly, I think my slideshow would look very different.

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