Practice with DU’s Women’s Lacrosse Team


Compiling a slideshow was a much different process than I had anticipated. I must say I underestimated the task, thinking that it would be a much simpler process than It turned out to be. I began by taking a large amount of photos. I had around 100 to work with when all was said and done. I was anticipating that I would have a hard time narrowing Down which photos I wanted to use, however It turned out that I have very shaken hands and that a lot of them were too blurry or unfocused to use! Lesson learned, I will use a tripod next time.

I had initially wanted to create a timeline of photos that followed Molly throughout her morning. However, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to follow someone around when you have very similar responsibilities of your own at the same time! Thus, I chose a variety of action shots to include in my slideshow. I found these to be most aesthetically pleasing as well as interesting to the eye. I was able to sneak out of practice for a few moments in order to snap photos of the team running through drills. (This is how I would imagine a field reporting job might feel.) I ended up really liking the individual shots and chose to include a fair amount of those as well. I wish I had been able to bring the camera into some more intimate moments with the team, however the coaches were not alright with the distraction of a camera in these situations. Overall I think that my photos provide insight into a day at practice for Denver Athletes.

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