Student safety at DU


 Campus safety has always been an important issue to many students at the University of Denver. Whether its walking home after a night out or keeping their personal belongings safe, students want to feel comfortable in their college environment. The story I have covered aims to give some insight into student’s opinions about their safety on campus and how they feel about the resources the university provides them. As I researched the issue I found myself wanting to capture the story from the students’ perspective since this is an article on a blog about daily college life, so I think the photos included are fitting for the angle I took.

I wanted to provide an accurate portrayal of the Campus Safety Department and educate students on the services and resources they provide to help keep the DU community safe. Through the story and slideshow, I tried to show a part of DU many students are unaware of. I think a big issue with the campus safety system on this campus is the lack of communication with students about what they are and how they are available to help so through the photos I took I hope to help spread awareness about campus safety and its presence on our campus.

The photos I included in the slideshow each provide a deeper look into the issue I focused on. While some of the photos are simplistic and capture everyday life on DU’s campus, others are more ambiguous and allow the audience to see another side of the campus. I chose to photograph what is most recognizable to students as campus safety such as the blue light telephones, the campus patrol cars, and the technology they use to connect with students and faculty. I also photographed staged situations that many students find themselves in to give a face to the problems students are concerned with.

I enjoyed taking the photos for this project because I could take photos of everyday things and show them from a different perspective. My photos were taken on the iPhone 7 and I think I got good quality photos that I could get on a nice camera. Next time I definitely want to capture my photos on a DSLR and compare the photo quality. There are many photos I chose to not include in the slideshow not because they were bad, but because I don’t think they added as much to the story. Photos of signs and posters were hard to include because they were not eye catching and contained too many words.

The slideshow goes hand in hand with what I wrote in my first issue story and shows some of the points I mention. I definitely have learned more about what this campus does to keep its students safe and I also realized how much I was unaware of. The photos allowed me to get to know the campus better and see the issue from a new perspective.

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