What do Chinese International Student do in Their Free Time


The slideshow is a collection of photos about DU Chinese students. This slideshow features many different types of photos such as long shots and medium shots.

DU. from Xuan Li

2 Responses to What do Chinese International Student do in Their Free Time

  • Jake Pemberton
    Jake Pemberton says:

    First of all, the story was interesting. It’s always entertaining to learn about what people do in their every day lives; any story about people is interesting so good job picking your topic. The photos are awesome too. You have a lot with people in them, so that makes it more entertaining. Your photos are relevant to your story and captions so it was easy to follow. The various long, medium, and close shots are cool too, plus some of the photos have great lighting. The angles you took your photos at made them much better too. Very cool photos, especially your 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 12th ones. Those were my favorites.

  • Will Moss says:


    I really enjoyed viewing your slideshow. As an American student, I liked seeing what Chinese students do in their free time and how it differs or is similar to my experience. Specifically, I thought your opening slide was perfect and I think you did a good job of getting great action shots. The slides showing the different games being played really captured the viewer. The basketball slide, hamster ball slide, and the tag game slide were some of my favorites.

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