DU says no to divestment of fossil fuels

The purpose of the slideshow is to inform the audience about the efforts of Divest DU and the response of the school administration. The slideshow depicts the difficult process and relationship between the members of Divest DU and the administration. I chose to take photographs of scenic spots around DU both with and without student subjects. Additionally, I made an effort to match quotes with photos that visually would create a similar response. Another goal of mine was to alternate photos based on conflicting statements in order to show the struggle between both parties. If I had to do anything differently, I would include more human subjects and focus on events that Divest DU holds. Unfortunately, the organization was not holding public events during this project but I would have loved to include a picture of organization members protesting.
My slideshow links up to my written Issue Story in the order it was written. I enjoyed doing this story because as I went along I learned more about the movement and efforts of the community to make a change in our institution. Furthermore, I feel that the pictures line up well with the statements and feel of my story. Lastly, I definitely see the issue more accurately and understand the position of both parties.

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