Our silent protector

Here is a slide show about DU WiFi, how it came to be, the security measures taken by UTS and about how our students feel about our wireless connection. The story discusses how many people use our WiFi, the “Heartbleed bug” discovered in 2014 and how that bug worked, free security software that is offered on PioneerWeb and where DU WiFi is lacking according to it’s users. It was hard getting photos about this subject because showing pictures of someone on a computer gets repetitive. Getting creative with this process was a lot of fun. I liked finding different ways of linking a photo visually to this topic.

It was interesting deciding what pictures to use as well. I do have a number of photos of my friends using the wireless network but using the graphic for the “Heartbleed bug” was my best decision. I think this graphic really helps the viewer understand what is going on without much text and confusing language. Technology in general is my preferred beat which is why I chose to do a story about DU WiFi. Specifically, security because so much information is online about each individual who uses the network, even guest users.

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