College drinking and student health

This slideshow is all about drinking, detox and student health. This topic is significant because drinking is so integral to the college experience, and can be considered almost a ritual. I’m seeking to show how prominent alcohol is here at DU, but within college campuses across the country. Due to this massive consumption, I also seek to highlight the negative consequences of drinking. Underage drinking is seen as a public health issues, and can affect almost every aspect of student life. I also think its important to emphasize the services and or policies that are in pace to help over intoxicated students, which I attempted to do through this slideshow as well.

For this assignment I chose to photograph a campus security car, the campus bars (Crimson and Gold Tavern and Angels Landing), the RA desk at Nelson a sophomore dorm, red solo cups, beer, shot glasses, and friends of mine participation in drinking games (shotgunning and beer pong). I feel like all of these photos speak to drinking culture and campus as well as student health services. I wanted to show students actually participating in drinking culture, and I think that the pictures of my friends playing beer pong and shotgunning beer are good examples of that. The images of beer, the red solo cup, and the shot glasses are also physical embodiments of drinking culture. I think it is also important to show campus security and also the RA desk to illustrate the people who are there to help overly intoxicated students. Also, it was important to depict the spots and bars that students frequent to drink around DU.

I actually enjoyed the photographic process of this assignment. I think it worked well to play around with different types of shots, like long shot, medium shots and extreme close ups. Playing with different shots and angles really helped me to take and choose good photos for the slideshow. I also tried to include people in at least half of my photos, and also a variety of evening and daytime shots. What didn’t work was shooting at night without enough light, which also made the photos very grainy. Also, it didn’t work as well to take vertical pictures as horizontal. Horizontal pictures fit a lot better into the slides, and don’t have to be modified as much. Within the slideshow, I picked pictures that had more interesting angles, a decent amount of light, and good quality. Pictures that didn’t fit this criteria didn’t make the cut. If I had to do something differently next time, I would try and use a Cannon camera so that I could take really good quality pictures. I would also like to take shots with more diagonal lines, since I feel like most of my pictures didn’t have lines with a strong sense of direction like that.

This slideshow and my issue story on drinking, detox and student health are closely related. They both take a look at the issue of underage deinking and over drinking on college, examine the consequences of drinking, talk about services and policies in place to help intoxicated students, and include ways that education about drinking and student health in general can be improved. I think visualizing the issue helped me to view it differently. I noticed more visual evidence to the issue of college drinking when working on the slide show, including red solo cups and empty bottles everywhere, and tons of underage students lining up at bars on the weekends. This project allowed me to actually see how huge drinking is at DU, but also across the country.  It also helped me to understand that there is still great room for improvement within student health services, and medical help in general for students who are unsafe or in danger.


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  • Jane Zunamon
    Jane Zunamon says:

    Your slideshow is don’t very well in that you used a lot of different types of shots, like close-ups or far away. Most of the photos showed good perspective but I would’ve like to see more photos that used the rule of thirds. The captions were easily readable but perhaps a little too long on some photos. Overall a good slideshow in having a variety of images and information to inform the reader.

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