Fast pace of quarter system rushes student life

The University of Denver is somewhat unique in its quarter system educational format. The classes are shorter in length, but taught more quickly. This may seem beneficial, as it offers students more choice of classes and keeps them from getting bored. However, the reaction of the students to the fast pace was more negative than positive. Many students found that their lives had been altered or rushed more due to the quarter system, and in turn it changed their lives outside of class.

Students had less time to complete assignments and projects, leading them to become stressed due to the large workload presented to them by professors. Students who also worked outside of class and had other obligations felt overwhelmed, with some stating that they had a difficult time maintaining a social life. These stressors, according to studies, can lead to students partaking in high risk behaviors, such as binge drinking and drug abuse. This is reflected by Campus Safety’s report of over 16 drug and alcohol abuse violations on campus in 2017 alone. However, DU does offer support services through the Health and Counseling Center, as well as activities on campus.

The photographs I chose represented what life might look like through the viewpoint of a student at the University. Shots taken looking down at homework, walking through hallways after class or sitting in the library or a bar are experiences shared by many students. Through these pictures, I aimed to really show what life might be like, and tried to capture the mood and stress experienced by students in my photos.

In regards to the photographic process, I would have tried to take more candid shots of people interacting or scenes occurring. It was hard to take the photos I needed and they would have been easier to find if I was always paying attention to what was going on around me. Also, I learned that taking photos requires much more planning than I had previously thought.

The photos link directly to my story about how the quarter system impacts student life. In fact, the photos did a better job of illustrating the topic than the story did. I got to see firsthand how students truly go around campus and act, which is something that I hadn’t tried to sit down and do before. It was really eye-opening and reminded me to pay attention to what was going on around me rather than just my self.

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