ACL injuries & the effects on DU students

This slideshow is about ACL injuries that DU athletes have had and focuses specifically on the processes and struggles that they go through after having surgery and an ACL injury. The slideshow depicts student athletes doing their rehabilitation programs and the resources that athletes have available to them after going through an ACL injury. It also gives insight into what the athletes think about their injuries and the steps they take to overcome the struggles.

Throughout this slideshow I wanted to give insight into the life of a student athlete and explain the life changing things that happen when someone has an ACL injury. Through my photos I was able to show the Ritchie center training room and show where the athletes go for doctor appointments, treatments, and where they complete their daily rehabilitation programs. I wanted to show the story of an athlete, Courtney that had to end her career because of three ACL surgeries and the success of  a DU athlete, Taylor who has had three surgeries as well but continues to play the sport she loves everyday.

I chose these specific photos because they depict the life of a student athlete and describe what it is like to go through a traumatic injury. I wanted to make an emphasis to show the Ritchie center training room because when an athlete gets ACL surgery it is where they spend most of their day trying to recover and get healthy again. 
The photographic process was interesting because I have never had to complete a project like this that forced me to take many photos and have them be visually appealing and go with each other. I was asked to take a lot of photos for this project and I think I did a good job of that. I took a couple hundred photos in order to complete this slide show. At first, I didnt think that I would need to take a lot of photos but after taking many, listening to Professor D-H’s directions and  looking through them all I was glad that I had a lot of selection to choose from. I think that taking a lot of photos lead to the success of my slideshow and that is definitely why it worked. The hardest aspect of the photo taking process was deciding which ones to include in my slideshow because I had so many. I needed to pick the ones that did the best job of depicting what I wanted to get across to my readers. I tried to pick my most visually appealing photography to include in the slide show. I excluded blurry photos and photos that didn’t fit the frame correctly.

After reflecting, the next time I make a slide show I would take as many pictures as I did this time if not more. I liked being able to go through and pick my best selection. I felt like I wouldn’t run short of having enough material to complete the show. I think that next time I would include different people throughout the slides, although for this specific project I did not feel that it was necessary. I think it would be cool to get others involved and take even more photographs than I did this time.
I wrote my issue story on the struggles that student athletes go through when they have an ACL injury. I focused on the aspects of why student athletes continue to play their sport even through they have gone through more than one ACL surgery. My slideshow reflected the story because I connected back to the athletic trainer at DU, the student athlete Taylor, and Courtney who is another person I interviewed for the issues story. I included photos and quotes from these athletes and their perspectives on the incidents they have gone through.

This photo project inspired me to look at my issues story in a different way because of the photos I took. I focused a lot on the specific athlete’s story in my piece but the slideshow focused more on the struggles and hardships of having an ACL injury. I think the slideshow gives readers insight into what happens when someone has an ACL injury and this helps them to understand and connect with the quotes from the athletes in my issues story.

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  • Julia Straaton
    Julia Straaton says:

    I really enjoyed this as not many articles are focused on the hardships that athletes face, as many of them are seen as heroes. Your perspective of some of the photos made it very intriguing to look at, even when presented with something slightly unsightly (the acl scar). Your depth of field usage was also really cool.

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