College break-ups bring heartbreak

The slideshow aims to bring awareness to the seriousness of college break-ups. The interview participants made it clear that many people in their lives did not take their break-up seriously because most people think that break-ups do not have the capability to truly harm a person’s mental state.

Each photograph in the slideshow represents something different. Many photographs personally represent the break-up of my participants. I chose to photograph a girl holding a teddy bear, lying her side because I believed it represented the loneliness that people feel when they break-up with someone. I also photographed people wanting to touch hands because to me, that represented disconnect. I also photographed a young woman sitting on the couch, looking depressed because my interview participants explained that depression can be a big association with a break-up. The necklace I photographed was a gift one of my participants received from their ex lover and she explained to me how much it meant to her. She believes it was a symbol of their relationship. I also photographed a sunrise in the exact spot another one of my participants said that he would watch it with his ex-girlfriend. Finally, one of my favorite photographs was that of one of my participants who was willing to let me show her self-inflicted scars from when she was depressed after her break-up with her 3 year boyfriend. Her wounds are a clear representation of what a break-up can lead a person to do.

The slideshow relates to the issue story because it represents how serious a college relationship break-up can be. Many of my captions also give more information about break-ups so it’s new content from the issue story itself. My goal was to have people think critically about the photo after reading the caption.

2 Responses to College break-ups bring heartbreak

  • Kayla Principato says:

    Hey Chelsea,
    I really enjoyed going through your photo slideshow. I love that you included a lot of statistics and quotes from people going through college break ups. I think this was a great topic to complete this project on.

  • Taylor Sienkiewicz says:

    Hi Chelsea,
    I really liked this slideshow. There were great statistics and quotes and I liked how you set up your pictures.

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