Emphasizing sexual health and education at DU

My topic came from the recent controversy and possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded by the GOP, which Paul Ryan said he “vowed” to accomplish earlier this year. With this story and slideshow, I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the organization to students at DU (and women everywhere,) explain the variety of services the organization offers (not just abortion,) and how women would be affected if the government were to stop reimbursing Planned Parenthood.

 I chose to photograph mainly objects/places that have to do with sexual health, i.e. condoms, the Health and Counseling Center, Planned Parenthood itself, the emergency phones, etc. These are all visually connected by the theme of sexual health and safety at DU. I really enjoyed taking these pictures, however I wish I had planned for stronger photos with people in them. I was not allowed to photograph the inside of Planned Parenthood either, which is something I wish I had planned for earlier. I wanted a range of close-ups, medium and long shots for this slideshow, which I think I did effectively as well.
This slideshow is a little bit different than my original story, because it doesn’t focus solely on Planned Parenthood. There is a much larger context of sexual health and education at DU that this is in, focusing on the services immediately available to us as students.

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  • Phalan Klein says:

    I really liked you photos, the dimensions and perspectives were cool. Like the one looking over a girls shoulder, and a hand holding condoms. The rule of thirds and also the lighting, the shadows kinda pointed towards the caption, were really aesthetically pleasing.

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