Campus safety works hard to provide protection to DU students

With DU’s recent spike in sexual assaults around campus, many students are looking towards how the school can help prevent, educate, and heal from recent attacks. Female students, who are the most commonly effected by sexual assaults are encouraging DU and DU’s health and counseling center to step forward to provide more support as they fear the spike in sexual assault could become an epidemic. These photos work directly with my article to help emphasis the current state of stress around campus.

The photos chosen help to show the dangers of DU’s unprotected side while also showcasing how DU supports its potential victims and survivors. Certain photos show the viewpoint of a perpetrator while others show from the viewpoint of the victim. As seen through following women in dark alleyways, or seeing how they interact with DU’s emergency phone systems. While other photos showcase the Health and Counseling Center, CAPE, and Title IX around campus to show how active DU is with providing a safe environment. 

Most photos were taken candidly, however some were posed to work with light and timing. The hardest part was getting models to participate due to the hectic lives of college students. 

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  • Maisie Karlin
    Maisie Karlin says:

    The photos you took go along really well with the topic and describe everything really well. This story is also really relevant since its Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Thanks for writing it!

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