DU Students Smoking Seven Sears after the Ban

There has been a push by the American College Health Association to create smoke free college campuses. Five years after the announcement, the University of Denver became a smoke free campus. This slideshow features photos from around campus showing the state of DU seven years after the smoking ban was put in place.

Two students interviewed were photographed during their smoking breaks outside Nagel Hall. The spots they smoke show signs of residue from a plethora of smokers, ash can be seen on trash cans and walls, as well as cigarette buds all over the ground. Some smokers feel mislead by the ash trays around campus, some of which can be seen in the slideshow.

The slideshow also features some facts about the push for smoke free campuses, and statistics about tobacco products use and effects done by various studies.

As a student with a room facing the Nagel courtyard, i see smokers everyday. I even remember a small paper sign posted outside that said ‘please don’t smoke here’ but was still surrounded by cigarette ash and buds. I often also see Sodexo workers and fellow students walking to the end of the street, being careful to be off campus before lighting up a cigarette.

I wanted to explore the specifics more of tobacco policies at DU and their history. I also was determined to feel out the opinion of student smokers and their seriousness towards the ban. I found that although campus safety and the university are committed to a smoke free campus, many students are able to smoke near their residence halls with little backlash so far.


3 Responses to DU Students Smoking Seven Sears after the Ban

  • Leah Swander
    Leah Swander says:

    Hey Phalan! I really liked your story about smoking on DU campus. I honestly had no idea about any of that until now. Your pictures were also very captivating and really grabbed my attention. Great job!

  • Mikaela Gerdes
    Mikaela Gerdes says:

    I really liked you slideshow, especially how to relate tobacco use to every day life on college campuses. There was a typo on slide 10, but other than that I thought all the captions were good and matched with your photos well. I think you need a few more pictures with people actually smoking in them, but other than that you had some good pictures and interesting angles.

  • Julia Straaton
    Julia Straaton says:

    I loved your incorporation of how this problem effects you, and also how its perpetuated by DU employees and students. Your pictures accuretly show the intensity of the issue on campus, specifically shown through your picture of the DU smoking grate on our “smoke free” campus. However I would fix the mistake in you title.

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