Athletic trainers at DU

This slideshow explains the daily life of an intern at the University of Denver and explains the passion and dedication that goes into being an athletic trainer. I chose to use these interns for my project because they do a lot of work on a daily basis and do not get paid or receive enough recognition for everything that they do for student athletes. In the beginning of the slideshow I had a picture of the weight room sign and a picture of the turf to set the tone of the slideshow and show where these interns spend 12 hour workdays every single day of the week.

I chose to photograph the interns completing their assigned projects, setting up lifts, and coaching other athletes because these are things they do on a daily basis. I chose the audio that most fitted what I wanted to get across to my audience and what made sense according the the storyline. It was easy to chose which photos I was going to use because I picked out the audio I was using and then matched whatever photos I took that followed the audio the best. There were a lot more things that the athletic trainers do for their career but I chose the most prevalent and time consuming ones to put their jobs in perspective for people who do not know what they do. I did not chose to include a title or captions because I feel that for my slideshow they were not necessary. I felt the athletic trainers did not need to be mentioned by name because the story was not about the specific athletic trainers themselves but they were about the general description of interns at DU and other colleges across the country. I did not want to include words and description because I wanted to let the photographs and audio speak for themselves and tell the story. I felt the audio and pictures were strong enough to depict the story line in a clear and organized way.

Throughout my process, I found a lot of things that worked and others that did not. I waited to photograph until after I completed the interviews with the interns. I think that it was the best way to truly capture what they were saying and make everything make sense to the audience. I also did not take all of my photos in one day. I went back and took more photos a couple times before I started to create my slide show to ensure I had enough quality photos to share in the slideshow. I took a lot of photographs as well. This is a technique that I used in my last slideshow that really helped me. I was able to look through a couple hundred photos and pick out the best ones that fit in the slideshow. This is a process and technique that I will continue to use for my projects because it gives assurance that I will have enough high quality photos to include in my project. i chose to include and exclude different photos based on the quality and similarity between the audio and photos. Some photos were better quality and used more photographic elements than others which made it easy to eliminate some out of the powerpoint. Other photos did not fit the audio best, which is why I chose not to include them in my slideshow. I think if I was to complete this project again I would add a little more motion to my pictures. I personally do not like the motion on the photos which is why I didn’t include it but I should think of my audience’s preferences more when completing a video. 

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  • Leah Swander
    Leah Swander says:

    Hey Kayla! I really liked this audio slideshow of yours! It’s really easy to relate to, since I am an athlete and see those trainers everyday. I wasn’t aware of everything they do-like the projects they mentioned and how early they come to work everyday. Thanks for creating this and great job doing it!

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