Food Recovery Network


The photos on the slideshow are photos I gathered while interviewing Paul Sherman and when I went along on the food recovery.  On the food recovery, we went to Nagel dining hall, Subway, the Hospitality School kitchen and, our largest recovery, Centennial Halls.

I’m seeking to inform DU students about this organization that is responsible for taking hundreds of pounds of their food to people who are hungry.  I’m also hoping that students will be more conscious of how much they put on their plate after viewing this slideshow.

I chose to photograph what I did because I wanted to gather as much of the food recovery process as possible.  I tried to get many action shots of the recoverers putting food into bins and things.  I put the slides in the order I did to try and correspond as best as possible with Paul’s audio.  I only used Paul’s audio because he is the founder and president of DU’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network, so I thought the story would be best told from his point of view.

Premiere was a bit difficult to use, but I eventually made it work.  The library has an older version of the program than the MFJS building does, so it messed up sequences and things when I tried to export it, so I had to come back to MFJS to fix it.  I also wish I would have taken some photos of students eating, because I got a lot of the food recoverers and some of Sodexo workers, but none of actual DU students eating the dining hall food.  I included most of the shots I took, but excluded certain takes that weren’t framed well, or some posters and photos that didn’t really fit the context of the audio.

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