Improv at DU offers comedic relief

My audio slideshow represents a night when Skintight Outrage, an Improv group at the University of Denver, performs for DU students. It includes audio from members of the club as well as laughter and voices of the audience. Members of the Improv group describe why they love Improv and what being on the team means to them on a deeper level. Through the photos in my slideshow, I attempt to tell the story of a night when Skintight Outrage performs. Beginning with short rhetoric’s from members of the club describing why they like Improv in general, I want my audience to understand what the slideshow will be about. I then end the introduction with a picture of a “Skintight Outrage” sign, paired with audio from Andrew, a member of the group, saying “Enjoy the show!”

After my “introduction” portion for the first 30 seconds or so, I intend the audience to now understand what they are going to watch and why they should be interested in what comes next. The slideshow continues with photos and audio of how the group warms up before the show starts, including how they practice and how they get ready. With a title page referencing the sequence of how the slideshow is set up, the story transitions to the actual show with photos and audio of the group performing. After such, I end the slideshow with audio from the President and Vice President of Skintight Outrage, Bodhi Cooper and Liz Butler, both commenting on why they enjoy Improv and being a part of Skintight Outrage so much.

I photographed the photos I did trying to capture all aspects of a night of performance; how the team prepares to entertain, how the actual performance looks and sounds, reactions from the audience, and some backstage perspectives of why members of Skintight Outrage do what they do. I photographed while I got my audio, so that helped guide me as to what I should try to capture and what I could ignore. I sequenced my slideshow the way I did to give my audience the feeling that they have experienced a performance night; like they know what the night would consist of if they actually attended. The process of integrating audio and text in my slideshow was difficult and time-consuming. I did not include much text because I felt that my audio did an efficient job of explaining my story. Thus, I had to include a lot of audio that matched my photos, which began as a challenge but grew easier the longer I worked on it.

The entire process of creating this slideshow was time-consuming, difficult, and fun. I did not anticipate using so much time to complete my slideshow, mostly due to the little details of it all, such as editing audio and photos. I am not the most tech-savvy person, so it began as a difficult task for me to figure out Adobe Premiere, but once I did, the project became fun. I enjoyed pairing audio to match with my photos, then watching the final product. I also always enjoy taking photos and listening to people talk about their passions, so the part outside of creating the slideshow was nothing but enjoyable. Next time I will reserve more time in my schedule to create something like this, and learn how to put all of my photo and audio files into separate folders on Adobe; I could not figure it out, so they were all separate files in my project. The photos I chose to include were the ones that best matched my story and audio; I took over 500 photos, so it took a while to pick out the best ones. I re-took many situations and poses which helped me capture the best photo for my story as well.

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