Alpine Club gets students to opt outside

This audio slideshow feature’s DU’s Alpine Club, which is the largest club on campus. I attempt to give more of an inside look into not only what the club does, but how its operated. I do this by interviewing the president of the club, Michelle Connacher and the treasurer, Connor McKeen.

I used pictures I took of the club/officer’s meeting, on campus of students or simple nature shots and close-ups and while on similar outdoor adventures that Alpine Club provides. I also used some of the club’s photos of their past trips. I used mostly wide or medium shots of groups or scenery, then close ups of objects or my subjects. More specifically, I chose to photograph close ups of natural objects such as trees. I chose to do close up shots of my subjects because they are more intimate. Specifically the shot of Connor McKeen captures his personality well. I used the “Ken Burns” effect on the intro to start off, then on Michelle Connacher to transition to her interview.

I attempted to match audio to video by using a picture that was related to what the person was saying. For example, I used more general campus shots of students or the mountains from campus when my subjects talked about students or getting involved their freshman year. I liked how my extreme close up shot of a “Moab” sticker on a water bottle lined up with McKeen’s voice beginning to talk about their Moab trip. When discussing trips, I used pictures McKeen provided (total of four) of the club, pictures of the scenery they would see on these trips that I took (like a trail) and appropriate natural object photographs. For example, McKeen mentions spring, so I used a photo I took of a dandelion from the ground. I used one Facebook page screenshot when Connor talked about administration in the club and “sticking with it”, as the page shows that you can register. I also used a shot over Connacher’s shoulder as she looked up hiking weather when McKeen talked about logistics.

One thing I wish I could have done differently would be to have gone on one of their trips, which I intended to do, but it didn’t work out with scheduling. This would have created more photos of people, which I feel I am a bit lacking of in this slideshow. However I am overall happy with the photos especially considering the improvisation that had to occur due to these scheduling difficulties.

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