The trials of being a student musician

I shot most of the photos for my slideshow during one session with Daniel. We went together to the Newman Center and got a practice room. There he played both guitar and viola for me and I interviewed him. I had never been within the music school so being there with him while he practiced and photographing him was helpful to completing the slideshow. Through the photos of him, I am attempting to just show him and his passion for music within the context of the entire slideshow mission of conveying the struggles and pleasure of being a student musician.

I tried to have a good mix of close up and medium shots and tried some interesting framing techniques in capturing him. A photo of someone just playing an instrument can be boring so I tried to change that. The other photos in the slideshow are mostly “b-roll”. I simply took shots of the Newman Center and the Lamont School of Music within to provide some context, especially when Daniel discusses the music school and its students at large.

I put the slides in the order as they are to match Daniel’s speaking and the music within i.e. there’s a photo of him playing the viola when the viola audio is playing. Text is used simply to introduce the subject and Daniel, and I use the audio to tell the narrative, having Daniel discuss both his thoughts on the music school and music in general.

I wish I would have taken a couple more pictures of Daniel, maybe in a different setting. The photos I took however, I thought turned out well. As well, I thought the audio recording went smoothly and I was happy with what I got from that. I found Premiere pretty easy and efficient to use, though dealing with different audio levels was a little annoying at times, and I understand why mixing is so important in audio production now.

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