DU club builds awareness about pediatric cancer

The topic of my slideshow is a profile piece highlighting DU’s Love Your Melon campus crew. My slideshow consists of a variety of photos. The photos mostly consist of the members in the campus crew. There are a few photos of them at one of their tabling events. There are also photos of the gear that they sell and some photos showing some of the children that Love Your Melon helps.

I chose these photos because I wanted to show viewers relevant visuals related to the interview I conducted. I want viewers to come away with knowledge about the campus organization, as well as, what Love Your Melon does. Specifically I want viewers to see the impact that this group makes on children with cancer.

I chose to photograph one of their tabling events because it showed the members in action and building awareness. I chose to include some photos from the Love Your Melon blog because it showed actual children, who were benefiting from the organization. I also decided to include photos of some of the different gear that Love Your Melon sells to show viewers examples of the products. I chose the put the slides in the order I did because the photos were either relating to the audio at that moment or look good in that sequence. The interview I conducted was over ten minutes long, so when choosing to incorporate which audio segments I decided to choose the most important pieces that told the story the best. I didn’t include much text. I only included text when either introducing someone or giving credit to someone for a photo. I felt like the audio and pictures could do the job and it wasn’t necessary to add much text.

Overall this was definitely a hard process. I had included a song in the background of my video and for some reason it didn’t end up showing up. The song had a very uplifting tone to it and added a nice effect to the video, so I’m sad it didn’t end up working out. I think some of my photos were a little repetitive and I wish I had taken more. It would’ve been nice to have a few more members talk about their experience in the club, but I think Emma did a really good job of giving a good explanation of the organization. I think my slideshow had definite room for improvement, but I’m happy with the end result.

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  • Jake Pemberton
    Jake Pemberton says:

    This slideshow is just superb. The story is already interesting and emotional so it grabbed me before I even started it. The photos were high quality and relevant to the story and audio, had smooth and rad transitions, and the audio was clear and smooth. I liked the transition to Trevor with the photo you used and when you put it in there and how you did so, it was spot on. Overall a great piece of work.

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