The Therapy of Songwriting


Written Reflection:

The photos I chose to include in this story were photos that I felt connected to what my source was talking about in the audio slideshow. The therapy of music is a wonderful thing, and so I wanted to capture the academic and fun side of my topic.

I chose to put the slides in the order that I did because they flowed more naturally with my source’s quotes as he was talking about certain things. I decided to keep things neat and crisp, like a typical news article, instead of going all wonky and doing crazy things because while that’s great for a fun video project, that’s not what journalists look for. I had a simple headline and I quoted who was talking and that is how I prefer my media. Simple, pictures might be pretty to look at, but you should really focus on what is being SAID as well as what is being seen.

I had trouble with my slideshow preparation, no one actually came to the workshop that day so the only photo I have of the actual workshop is of Brian himself. If I could do it over or if I had more time, I would’ve liked to get to know some of the people who usually do visit. I just had an unlucky day. My original topic was FSL Week in the Greek Like community but my audio got warped at some of the events so I couldn’t do what I originally planned as well. What did work was my recorder THIS time (I’m just thankful it worked at all) I learned to double-check your audio recorder and make sure that the final playback sounds great before you leave the area/leave your source.

What: Songwriting Workshop

Price: Free

When: Every Thursday Night at 8pm

Where: Anderson Academic Commons (Email Brian Laidlaw for more info on meeting place)

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