Intramural Sports Profile: Jack Roberts

I chose to focus mainly on action shots for my Intramural Sports profile on Jack Roberts. I felt that because the interview’s focus was on athletics, it was best to show my subject in action. Specifically, I ordered the slides so that the audio would best match the picture on the screen. For example, when Jack discusses playing basketball, football, soccer, and broomball, I made it so the pictures I had of those subjects aligned with the interviewees words. For my slideshow, I did not use a ton of text because I thought what Jack was saying made clear sense and that text might distract the audience from the action shots I included. However, using text for an introduction and end was necessary to inform the audience what the subject was about. Jack did a great job of describing his experience and I felt that the audio flowed well enough so that I did not need to include as much context in middle of the slideshow.

As for the process, I found that the weather affected me most in terms of getting my shots of Jack. I had originally planned to include action shots of the subject playing football and broomball, but due to weather and a forfeit from another team, I did not get that opportunity. This kind of problem really showed me how you should plan for the worst when it comes to shooting sports events. This issue, in general altered the focus of my slideshow a little. Before, the goal was to cover a multitude of sports (soccer, basketball, broomball, and football) but after noticing I had the most pictures of soccer, I focused more on that sport than any other. Additionally, my intention was to make it so there were no black borders around the pictures and based on what it looked like in Premiere I thought that would be the case, but when I viewed the piece on Youtube they were included. If I were to do anything different, I would have also interviewed one of Jack’s teammates and included more team photos as opposed to mostly solo shots. Even still, I think the project turned out well with great action shots of Jack.

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