An Inside Look at the “Denver Voice”

My slideshow was on Denver’s street paper, the Denver Voice, so my photos consist of various shots of the paper, the people involved in it, and the Voice office. I took photos of articles and covers in the paper to provide context, as well as identifying photos of the several sources I interviewed – the staff of the paper, two homeless vendors, and a homeless contributor. I also got ambient shots of the office for b-roll, and shots of the vendors interacting with staff and each other to accompany audio clips that described the benefits of the vendor program. (I had hoped to get some action shots of the vendor who normally stands on University and Evans to provide diversity and show the process of vending, but unfortunately, he apparently stopped selling there for two weeks. I had to adjust and get more photos from the office.)

These photos tell the stories of not only the paper and the vendor program itself, but also the personal experiences of individual vendors and contributors. These personal experiences add another dimension to the story, and photos were able to capture this, through things like the joy in Kat and Justin’s faces and the natural interaction between a homeless vendor and an office staff member.

I chose to alternate between contextual and personal content with the ordering of my interviews and slides, in order to maintain interest and develop a natural flow. I put the audio and photos of Linette first in the slideshow, because they provide necessary background as to the operations of the Denver Voice and explain what the vendor program is and why it’s important. I then moved into personal testimonies from the vendors to hook the viewer in with emotion before proceeding into Sarah’s explanation of the paper’s content. I thought Justin’s testimony about his writing submissions was a natural choice to follow Sarah’s discussion of writing. I chose to close with Sarah’s quotes about the Voice’s mission to end on a broad and hopeful note.


Aside from missing the vendor on University and Evans (which was just fate – I had no way of getting in contact with him and no way of telling when he would be there), I thought most of my photos and audio turned out very well. I do wish that I had taken more at the office while I had the camera checked out so I wouldn’t have had to rely on iphone photos of the paper for b-roll. I also learned to direct interviews a bit more and make sure that my subjects know that the interview is for an audio slideshow and not just for me to transcribe later. However, the high quantity of audio I captured from conducting long interviews definitely benefitted me.

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  • Carson Baer
    Carson Baer says:

    These are great photos and I love how you mixed up candid shots with posed ones. This was a really great way to generate awareness about the Denver Voice and you did it in a really interesting way. The interviews are interesting too, good job!

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