Pioneers on ice: A look at DU’s intramural hockey league

I chose to write about the intramural hockey league at DU. I wanted to profile the teams and players involved in intramural hockey as well as capture the atmosphere of intramural sports at DU. I decided to interview sophomore Griffin Powell to get an inside look at the dynamics of the intramural hockey league and intramural sports in general. The photographs I included in my presentation are a mix of the players, ice rinks, and fans that make the league what it is. I wanted to capture the experience from both the fan’s perspective as well as the players’ and I aimed to do this through my photos and audio.   

In my slideshow I used photos from two different games where the intramural teams of the Kappa Sigma and Sigma Chi fraternities played one another. I wanted to capture the personal and emotional elements of team sports while also showing the competitive atmosphere of the game. I wanted the photos to follow along with the audio of Griffin’s interview but I found that it was difficult to match all the photos with exactly what he was talking about. As I went along, the story definitely turned into more of a profile of Powell, but his interview also gives some insight into how DU’s intramural hockey league works. I chose to only use Powell’s voice as audio because I thought that was the most powerful and cohesive way to express the story. In the future I would like to capture more photos of the teams and players up close because I like the emotion the photos show.

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