DU celebrates Seventh Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow

The event I chose to cover for my audio slideshow was DU’s Seventh Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow, put on by the Native Student Alliance here at DU. I wanted to explain the purpose of the Pow Wow, why it’s important to the Native community here at our school (and in Colorado) and to showcase what actually goes on at the Pow Wow.

I chose to photograph the event starting with the dances, then I moved on to the other aspects of the Pow Wow like the food trucks, vendors and ceremonies to get a full overview of the event. I got mostly candid shots of people walking around, participating in the dances or ceremonies. I corresponded these photos to my interview with Viki Eagle, the Director of Native American Community Partnerships and Programs. I decided to start the slideshow with a general background about how/why the Pow Wow started with the Native Student Alliance, with a picture of the Pow Wow’s flyer and the NSA’s bulletin board. Then Eagle explains why the Pow Wow is named New Beginnings, which I correspond with pictures of the graduate ceremony that happened at the Pow Wow. Eagle then talks about what you can expect at the Pow Wow, which I correspond with pictures of a skateboard from a giveaway, food trucks, dancers, vendors, etc. Eagle ends the interview by encouraging people everyone to come and learn about Native American culture, which I punctuate with a photo of the tipi. Once I found a general structure and flow for the slideshow/interview, integrating the audio and text was easy.

The only thing I would do differently would be to listen to my interview before photographing the event, because it would provide a refresher on what kind of photos to take and where my focus should be. When the event was over and I was lacking pictures that captured a certain thing Eagle was talking about in the interview, there was nothing I could do.

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