Japanese culture thrives at DU

The Japanese Bunka Kai Culture and Language Club is one of the many culture-based organizations on campus. Through my slideshow, I aimed to show how the club began from the pure passion of students, as well as how student effort made it become official in the last few years. Additionally, I aimed to show how the club gets involved on campus, as well as how it contributes to DU’s inclusive excellence through promoting Japanese culture.

The photographs I chose included club members, flyers and literature from the club itself, as well as Japanese related objects around campus and within Japan themselves. These photos should portray the meaning behind the words spoken by the interviewees, and how the club interacts on campus. The visuals of Japan also help show some of the reasons students have passion towards Japan, as well as what they may experience abroad. I put the audio in the order I did to help chronologically organize the history of the organization, as well as explain how the JBK is involved on campus officially before diving into the opinions of students themselves.

It was somewhat difficult to compile and take pictures for the slideshow, as events only happen weekly or biweekly. However, the audio was easy to obtain and the interviews themselves gave me a lot of insight onto what kind of pictures I needed to take. I had fun doing this project, as it is a subject I really care about and is something that I want to be part of my life.

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