The Invictus Initiative works to build love globally

My audio/visual story represents Madison Davis and the Invictus Initiative’s strive for volunteering and the creation of a better community globally. My photo project represents how the Invictus Initiative works to fundraise for their trips and what volunteering means to them.

The photos I chose for this project reflect how the Invictus Initiative works to provide coverage on campus, a look into the personal experiences of their time abroad, and the community service and fundraising that the members of the Invictus Initiative does on campus. Because many of their travels take place abroad, two of these photos were taken by Matthew Meyer during his trip in Nicaragua. Photos with Madison Davis in them were taken to try to portray emotion and humbleness, something that he exudes. While most of my other pictures are based around their fundraising taken at their dodgeball tournament, while they tabled to sell flowers back during Valentine’s day and when they were selling socks for their women’s co-op. 

My order of my photos introduces Madison Davis, as the President and then gives background on where each of their trips are located. Followed by emotional photos from their Nicaragua trip, and ending with how they work on-campus. My final photo of Madison is to represent the hopefulness and emotion displayed by him and his group as their work towards their goals. 

While I really enjoyed working with Adobe Premier, I had a hard time lining the audio up with the visuals. I found it hard to work with people sentence structures as they often go on tangents and make it hard to line up each photo perfectly with what they’re saying. Next time I want to line up my questions better during the interview and make them more specific so I know how it will be lined up when editing. 

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  • Phalan Klein says:

    Great group to cover, Invictus does such important and cool work. You’re pictures were cool identifying speakers, getting shots of Invictus trips and they also had variety amongst them.

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