Registering a Service Dog



Second year University of Denver student Ryan Massopust walks fellow students through the process he experienced when getting his emotional supper animal Otto on campus. Ryan lives in the dorms went thought he Disabilities Service Program to get Otto to proper documentation and approval to live in the dorms.

Emotional support animals and service dogs can be seen around the dorms in select rooms, warning the students with signs saying “Approved Animal in Residence.” The animals help their owners with a range of disabilities while they get their education.


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  • Caroline Field
    Caroline Field says:

    Hey Phalan,

    Great slideshow! Love the pictures.

  • Chelsea Hernandez says:

    This was so well done! I like how clear the audio is so great job on that! It was great seeing so many candid shots of the owner of the dog and the dog playing on the grass. Good job!

  • Kat Weaver says:

    I like the variety of shots you have in your slide show, especially all the candid action pics. There is a very clear story line and the interview was straight-forward and informative. You also did a good job matching up the photos to the interview. Your audio sounds really clear too. The last picture of the dog is my favorite (-:

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