The life of a Resident Assistant

The majority of the photos in the slideshow are taken in Centennial Halls which is a first year residence hall at the University of Denver. The audio slideshow is narrated by two resident assistants, Eloy Chavez who is a first-year RA and Meagan Dizon who is a 2nd year RA. They both talk about what it’s like having the RA job and what kind of challenges they face. They also talk about how rewarding the job is and what they have learned from it.

The pictures are carefully placed throughout the slideshow based on what they are talking about. So when they talk about the staff, a picture of the staff will show up. Or when they talk about extra curricular activities, pictures of their extracurricular activities will appear. I tried taking candid pictures a lot so the audience can really immerse themselves in their stories.

My goal was to get those who don’t understand what RAs do to get an understanding what the job is all about. Also, there tends to be a stigma around that RAs are mean people or that they don’t have lives. I wanted audience members to see that the life of an RA can be just as normal as theirs. I took pictures of the RA staff during staff meetings, when they’re working the desk, and when they are off doing extra curricular activities.

If I could re-do this audio slideshow, I would have the RA staff talk about the perks of being an RA such as having your own room and having free housing and meals. I think that’s something that audience members would like knowing about in case they are interested in applying to be an RA.

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