DU’s rising tuition and spending

Denver- The University of Denver has once again decided to raise tuition for undergraduate attendance. This will be the second time for many students that will will once again have to fork over more cash to enroll next year. With new big expenditures in the works students are feeling more and more constrained by growing cost of attending school at this prestigious university.

I chose to photograph some of the most iconic views of the school and also ones that closely related to the story like the Shwader Art Building. The struggle mostly was getting the right amount of exposure in each photograph due to the ever changing lighting in the evening hours I chose to photograph during. Using the manual settings as well as some help from the auto focus really allowed me to get the light and frame I was looking for in each picture. The slideshow is very much a visual story of my Issue story with a very similar theme and facts included. I added more information about the buildings and facilities I was taking pictures of, like the soccer field, to bring more substance to the photos.

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