“Four” highlights seniors’ hard work

Four is comprised of the artwork of four graduating seniors from the University of Denver who are completing their BFA’s in the Studio Art Program. Claire Anderson, Hannah Rose Cole, Leeandra Durfey, and Sabrina Yagman are all very unique artists who had the opportunity to present their artwork at the Vicky Myhren Gallery opening on May 18, 2017.

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Claire Anderson’s pieces called ‘Or Exist: As Echos, As Ether’

Leaandra Durfey showcased a series of black and white portraits which she titled 92,665 days. Durfey explained that the name came from the number of days the men in her photographs have served in prison, including her father’s sentence.

“When I was about 15 years old my father was taken from our home and was incarcerated on a ten year sentence. He’s serving his seventh year right now,” Durfey explained, “I was really thinking these series as a portrait of my father because he refuses to be photographed.”

Her portraits aim to capture the emotional toll incarcerated men have faced while being in prison. Durfey uses her photographs to cope with the incarceration of her father. “It’s capturing the portrait I can’t capture.”

B-Rated is an exhibition by Hannah Rose Cole who has a fascination with classic horror films, which is where she got her inspiration for her artwork. Cole explains that in horror films, women are often looked at as the over sexualized and victimized protagonist. She displayed four self-portraits which represented women in different roles in film. Two big portraits were of herself dressed provocatively and this represented the over-sexualized female character we often see in horror films. In between these two big portraits were two smaller portraits, depicting the creepy and morbid evolution of women in horror.

“Now, we are seeing more examples of women being more broadened as characters,” Cole explains, “Slowly, we start to see women become the antagonist.” Cole says her artwork incorporates a lot of feminist themes because her portraits collectively admit the faults of women when playing the roles of both the protagonist and antagonist in everyday life.

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’92, 665 Days’ on display now at the Vicki Myhren Gallery

Claire Anderson’s artwork was titled, Or Exist: As Echos, As Ether is named off of philosophers Plato and Aristotle’s theory that all things are connected.  

The artwork depicts a very minimalist scenery with flesh colors and soft textures. Anderson believes that when people look at her artwork, they start to associate it with other things they are familiar with such as bodily fluids, human flesh, and other objects.

“I like to think that the one in the corner is blue frost Gatorade,” Anderson joked, “but we start to make these associations with it [her artwork] and if we make associations to our own bodies or to a color of Gatorade, why can’t it go as far as saying it exists as echo exists or ether?”

Four will be on display at the Vicki Myhren Gallery in the Shwayder Art Building from May 18 through June 9.

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