Take Me to Africa

While the Black Student Alliance has become well established on DU’s campus, there was no organization for students who wanted a stronger connection to Africa.  Freshmen Anifa Musengimana and Sarah Tesfai decided to fill that absence at DU.

That is how African Students United came to DU.  The organization aims to “create a space to celebrate educate, and participate in the understanding of the many rich, diverse cultures of Africa”.  The organization is intended for students of African descent and anyone who wants to be an ally on campus.

ASU has been in existence since January 2017, and did their first big performance at Black Undergraduate Student Alliance’s event “Taste of African Dance”.  The President of ASU, Anifa Musengimana says, “When we saw how successful that event was, and everybody who came together to celebrate African culture, we knew that we needed to have this event.”

ASU did just that on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Davis Auditorium from 5:30-9pm, with Take Me to Africa.  The event featured traditional African food, local vendors, performances and a fashion show.


Take Me to Africa was sponsored by DU Diversity Committee, the Sustainability Committee and Vietnamese Student Association.  President of ASU, Anifa Musengimana says, “We couldn’t have had the event without their financial help”.

The event also hosted other African students from University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, University of Colorado Denver, Community College of Denver, South High School, and East High School.

The night started off with introductions of the African Students United’s cabinet and a skit about the importance of African heritage.

Story Time

The structure of the program was set up to take the audience on a tour of the different regions of Africa through song, dance and poetry.  The emcee, Cameron Simmons, kept the crowd laughing and having fun by dancing and cracking jokes in between events.

The fashion show featured local designers, one of which is a DU Alum.  Mawukle Yebuah is the owner and founder if Flare and Square, a pocket square business.  The traditional African dresses shown in the fashion show are from Byasima Couture, which is owned by Edith Muyinda.

The food provided for intermission was catered by African Grill & Bar and Ali Baba Grill.  Some of the food provided were falafel balls, steamed rice with mixed veggies, grilled chicken and pita.

DU Sophomore, Montrell Nickerson says his favorite event was South High School because, “the students killed it, and it was amazing to see high school students performing at that level”.  He also enjoyed, “the event overall, from the dress, to the food, to the music”.

Sarah Tesfai, Vice President of African Students United, says of people who attended the event, “First (I hope) they had fun, second that they were educated on Africa and African culture, and third that people who are a part of that culture get to have that experience that they don’t get to have very often”.

Since this is the first annual event, for anyone who missed it next year, Take Me to Africa will be coming back to DU next spring.

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  • Jake Pemberton
    Jake Pemberton says:

    The narration to start the video was relevant and provided a good introduction. I like the variety of B-roll, although I did notice some B-roll used more than once. The B-roll was good quality, interesting with movement, and the interviews were easy to hear. But the interview subjects could have been positioned better and not look directly at the camera. Other than that, it’s a good and interesting video, with an interesting written-version of it as well.

  • Ellie Knott
    Ellie Knott says:

    Great narration and B-Roll. The topic is incredibly relevant and I am so impressed with how clear your interviews were.

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