Lamont ends the year with strong voices

Professor Chris Wiger is our first interviewee. He is the Director of Public Relations at the Lamont School of Music. “We had about 300 performance majors they are all trying to be singers, classical musicians, Jazz musicians and my job is to get people to all the concerts they gave each year which about 300 concerts, 250 which are absolutely free.“ he said with a smile.

The Lamont Sign

The Newman Center for Performing Arts Sign, where the concert took place on May 18, 2017.

Hunter Martin is a freshman at DU and he is the member of the Lamont Chorale. Martin’s major is vocal performance and he focus on classical music and opera, so it’s requirement to be a part of the chorale. He started singing when he was 9 and he also joined the musical theater for long time.

He told us a lot of details about their choir rehearsal. For example, they practice three times a week. On Monday, they only have one hour and sectional exercise, basic alone and other times for two hours each. The rehearsal always start with some warm ups. “We hear each other and hear the harmonies and after that, Doctor Sailer, she gonna picks a part each piece, so we will sing the all the way through, she will stop, pick a part and singing it again all the way through until we should able to look it on by ourselves.” he explained.

The Lamont Chorale practices with Sailer conducting

The Lamont Chorale practices a few days before the concert with Catherine Sailer conducting in the center.

Catherine Sailer is the Director of Choral Studies at DU. She conducts the Lamont Chorale and Lamont Women’s Chorus. She looked enthusiastic about singing and the chorale. During the interview, she told us the Chorale is singing a really interesting new work by British composer Judith Weir. “It’s for Choir and trombone, which is highly unusual, and they have faculty members join us on that.” she explained. This song called “Psalm 148”, which is also Martin’s favorite song in this year.

They also singing a piece by an American Composer Morten Lauridsen, “O Magnum Mysterium”, which is one of the most beautiful things written in the last few years. Furthermore, they also prepared some foreign songs like French composer Gabriel Fauré’s “Cantique de Jean Racine”.

“It’s always harder to do a piece of foreign language. She said, “but we are really love it because different languages really change the color of our voice.”

Fortunately, we recorded the rehearsal of “Psalm 148”. As Sailer said, it was a unusual piece with a lot of interesting sounds. The sounds from Chorale and trombone player seem paradoxical but harmoniously mix together.

The performance was on Thursday, May 18, at June Swaner Gates Concert Hall. It included Lamont Women’s Chorus, Lamont Chorale and Lamont Men’s Choir. 6 songs by Lamont Women’s Chorus, 7 songs by the Chorale and 7 songs by Men’s Choir. There were some famous songs such as Scarborough Fair”, a simple, traditional folk song; Rudyard Kipling’s “The Seal Lullaby”, a sweet and tender song, opens with prominent soprano melody and quiet piano chords. Moreover, there were also some special one such as “Dear John, Dear John”, which is composed by Gloria Rosenthal. For this song, the whole women Chorus changed their position. A  young man sat in the middle of a group of girls. He pretend to read a letter and all the girls were singing around him. At the end of the performance, these three choirs sang the Es lacht der Mai together.

Article by Xuan Li

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    This video has really great audio. I like the transition of the choir’s voices to accompany your video it makes a very smooth change. You do a good job narrating the story also. This definitely looks like it could be on a news website!

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