The off season isn’t really off, according to these student athletes

Leah is a member of the soccer team at DU and Kayla is a member of the volleyball team. Playing a division one sport at a university is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of dedication. Even when our sports are in the off season we still have to be in the gym training and competing. 

Soccer and volleyball are fall sports meaning we are in full competition season starting in August and ending sometime in December, depending how the team plays. Competition time is the busiest for student athlete because along with four hour practice and lifts, we are traveling multiple times a week to different states to compete. This means that the winter quarter, spring quarter, and summer are our “off season” time where we train and make ourselves stronger for the upcoming season. During the offseason both sports have full practices with coaches and full lift sessions. Practice usually goes for 3-4 hours everyday and lifts are 1 hour and thirty minute sessions. In addition, during the offseason athletes must go in by themselves and complete additional cardio workouts. During the offseason there is more time to train and coaches are less worried about our bodies being tired because we do not have to compete in games a couple times a week. We get pushed harder in the offseason so our bodies adjust to having ware and tear so we are prepared for the season. 


Although are bodies are pushed to the limit during the offseason, we are able to have more freedom on weekends to take part in fun activities. First, we are able to focus on our studies and have time to complete more work than during the season. The offseason is usually the time when student athletes take more challenging classes because they will have more time to study. That being said, we still do not have nearly as much time as non-athletes to study but to us athletes it takes a huge amount of stress off of us. We can also take part in social events on campus and spend time with our friends. We are allowed to go on weekend trips, meaning we can go home, go to the mountains, or stay in Denver and hang out. On the weekends, we can go to parties and hangout with people outside of our team. It is a nice time to catch up on work and catch up with social life on campus. 


For this project we interviewed two girls on the volleyball team Piyusha Boteju and Cassie Baird and one girl from the soccer team, Cristiana Behnken. We asked numerous interview questions asking them about what they do in to offseason. The athletes gave the viewers insight into the life of a student athlete during the offseason. The objective of this video was to show what athletes do during the offseason and show that even though we are in the off season, we actually do not have that much time for a lot of activities besides our sports. 

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