Dining Hall etiquette for DU students


Ellie Knott & Phalan Klein

  For first and second year Students at the University of Denver, the Dining Hall becomes their kitchen away from home. The first place where they eat without the company of their families, a consistent meeting place at meal times for friends and roommates after the hustle of class and extracurriculars. With an influx of hundreds of students daily, the Dining Halls are a hub for the University of Denver campus. The Sodexo employees who prep, cook, and maintain the food and dining environment, often feel as though students become too comfortable. 

Sodexo, created in 1966 is an international corporation serving hundreds of businesses, schools, and Government organizations across the nation. With nearly 500,000 U.S. employees, the University makes up a small subset of the corporation’s U.S. business. DU employs a mere 176 Sodexo employees. Nelson Halls Cashiers Keba Baker, claims that students often forget to push in their chairs, as well as make unnecessary requests they could often fulfill themselves. “When I’m sitting over there and students wait for me to get up, and then swipe themselves in; I could’ve stayed seated!” says Baker. “Other than that, I like the Students.”                 

Retail Operations Director David Goergen agrees, saying students often rush through the ordering process, sitting on their phones and not making eye contact. “When you’re ordering something put your phone done for a sec” He says, “I don’t want to sound like an old Guy, but the people in line behind you will give you hate face if you don’t realize it’s your turn. I promise we’ll get you through the line.” He says. Another concern of Goergen surrounds the personal hygiene of students. “Your hands are gross, Wash your hands,” he says. “Use the sanitizer, there is Hand Sanitizer everywhere. We see everything.” In addition, Goergen encourages students to “explore other cultures,” says Goergen. “I get it I love a hamburger too but a great way to learn about other cultures is through food.” A welcome suggestion to many students looking to expand their palettes and try new meal options.

Junior media studies major Kayla Principato claims that she is “not surprised,” by the comments of the Dining Hall employees. For Principato, she feels as though their is a great lack of etiquette between students. “I’ve seen on numerous occasions people be rude to each other.” “Once I saw a student run into another person and spill their drink everywhere,” says Principato “They didn’t even stop to help the person they had just run into.” In regards to student and employee relations, Principato feels as though students could be more friendly. “Some of them are so friendly and they’re just trying to talk to you and I see a lot of people who don’t even say Hi, it’s just rude.”

For DU Students, these employees are those who put together the meals that fuel their every move. Without the Sodexo employees, Students would not have access to the wide variety of food options that they do in Centennial Halls, Nelson, and Nagel Dining Halls. So, next time you are in the dining hall, be sure to say hello.

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