DU students frustrated over registration system

Registering for classes is a stressful time for students here at the University of Denver, and also for students on campuses across the country. The majority of students worry about being able to take certain classes that they need. Registration at the University of Denver is completely online. Students lookup classes or enter course number online in order to register, which can all be found on the University’s website pioneer web. Because the system is completely online, there are often frustrations and difficultly for students to create the schedules they want  and or need.

Students are frequently frustrated with DU’s registration system, and have anxiety about getting into classes they need and graduating on time. Kaitlin Ball, a sophomore at the University of Denver, found that with registration comes many difficulties involving actively getting into the right classes, especially blocks of classes needed to complete core curriculum requirements. Ball is specifically worried about getting into science and Spanish classes that she needs to take each quarter in order to stay on track. Along with graduating on time, quarterly schedules, and getting into classes needed are all common worries.

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Marnier Leblanc, a junior at DU, a triple major, confirmed that many students panic and have struggles around registration time on campus. Leblanc worries about being able to complete her three majors, but tries to be as organized as possible in the face of registration time at DU. She especially experienced other students having difficulties with registration during her time working at the registrar’s office. However, not all hope is lost. Marnier states that there are some tips and tricks to improve the registration experience; talking to professors directly and utilizing the planning function on pioneer web to avoid time conflicts.  

Roddy McInnes is a photography professor at DU who teaches Freshmen seminar classes, and therefore helps them with the registration process as well. He also stresses a communication between students and professors during registration time. Students who talk directly to professors have a greater chance of getting on a waitlist, or eventually being allowed into classes that they need and or want. McInnes also recognizes that a lot of students worry or panic during registration time. He also stated that having freshmen register before coming to campus in the fall would help things to go more smoothly and be less stressful for incoming students overall.

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Overall students are still frustrated, however the University of Denver is working to fix stressful conditions due to registration. The university does provide academic advising that helps students keep track of both their majors and common curriculum requirements. Also communication between students and professors who tech specific courses needed will help to ensure that people can take the classes they need. The registration process still has room for improvement, and students have real concerns with registration concerning their success and futures. It is important that the university, students and professor work together and communicate in order to make the registration process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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    Really great b-roll! I like how you did an over-the-shoulder shot of Kaitlin registering, it fit really well with what she was talking about. The interviews were set up nicely and you have a lot of different perspectives of the b-roll.

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