Greek life’s demise at DU

Greek life is a popular social aspect on many college campuses, specifically on the University of Denver’s campus. However, recently there has been a lot of negative associations with greek life. This new view has caused a decrease in students participation in greek life. There are fewer members going through the recruitment process, and more members dropping from their chapter.

DU has a pretty big greek life for a small school, consisting of six fraternities and six sororities. In the past two years two fraternities have been kicked off for various reasons. The first fraternity to get kicked off was Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a long standing fraternity at the university of Denver. It was in December of 2015 when the school emailed the members of SAE and told them they had to move out of the house and their chapter was being removed.

Matt Gutman, a former SAE member, felt the process was unfair. He had only been in SAE for a year and a half until they were kicked off. He felt as if they hadn’t been given a chance, and instead had been blamed for actions of previous members in past years.

In the past few months another fraternity, Kappa Sigma, was kicked off campus and went through a similar process that SAE went through with the school. These members were also forced to move out of their house and find housing midway through the winter quarter.

Sam Nobrega, current Sigma Chi member, has been a part of the hearing process for when chapters have gotten in trouble. Based on his experience he feels that the entire thing is very unjust and doesn’t work very well. Many students think that the school actually looks for ways to try and get greek life members in trouble. To greek life members it’s often seen as the school places this negative connotation about them and try to do anything to get rid of it.

Michelle Fahlbusch, a member of Gamma Phi Beta, believes the school is placing all these rules on members of greek life with no solid justification. She talked about the lack of communication between the school and greek life, and in turn has become very disappointed with how greek life has turned out at DU throughout her four years there.

The steady decline of greek life will continue to happen if chapters continue to get kicked off. Reasons for being in a sorority or fraternity are dwindling because of the opportunities and activities that have been taken away for those members to participate in. Members want stronger communication between them and the school to make things more reasonable.

Although Gutman is upset about SAE being kicked off, the one thing the school can’t take away is all the best friends and memories he made through being in the fraternity. Nobrega would like to see greek life members to be remembered as these involved and active students who integrate themselves in every part of the school.



Former Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s house, currently Chi Omega’s house.


Gamma Phi Beta recruitment, Fall 2016.


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  • Maisie Karlin
    Maisie Karlin says:

    The interviews tell a well done chronological story. As a member of Greek life, this was definitely interesting for me to watch to see that there are other people on campus who feel the same as I do. The only suggestion I would make is adding more panning shots of b roll of the fraternity and sorority houses. The story is well written and follows the video story.

  • Chelsea Hernandez says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I thought it was really insightful and you all were able to tell a story to viewers. It was evident that the interviewees told genuine personal stories and it made the video much better. Titles were placed in a really good place for all interviews. B roll was really versatile so I really liked it. One critique is that the first interview, if you are listening to the video with headphones, you can only hear the audio through one ear bud. For the other interviews, audio is present on both ear buds. Not really sure what you can do to fix that but that is my only critique. Otherwise, really nice job! 🙂

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