DU’s longest running tradition


May Days at the University of Denver serves as an event that marks the end of the academic school year. This week-long event takes place during week nine every year to distress students before finals. This year, May Days brought five different events to DU’s campus. The end of the week was closed off with the annual MusicFest at the Ogden Theatre with artist D.R.A.M. as the headliner.

The University of Denver Programming Board (DUPB) is a student organization on campus that organizes various events for DU students throughout the year. Their two biggest events are Winter Carnival and May Days.

The celebration commenced on Monday May 22 with food trucks on Driscoll green and tabling from student organizations on campus. Students enjoyed tacos, funnel cakes, and empanadas alongside lawn games and music.


DUPB tent at May Days. Photo credit: Chelsea Hernandez

On Tuesday, DUPB’s beach theme took over Driscoll Green where ‘mocktails’, henna tattoos, volleyball, and food from DU’s own grilling society was provided.

Wednesday evening was May Days: Magic Night. Dippin’ Dots was served to DU students to commence the evening. A meatball food truck was also present on Carnegie Green and DU students rushed to be the first ones in line. Once nightfall approached, Now You See Me was played on a giant screen as students sat on lazy chairs and blankets provided by DUPB.

Hoedown Throwdown was Thursday’s theme and DU students had the opportunity to pet llamas, sheep, and chicken. Sweet Cow Ice Cream was giving students ice cream and Jim ‘N Nick’s Barbeque provided everyone with a variety of meats.


Pinwheels. Photo credit: Angel Gonzalez

Students were eager to finally see D.R.A.M in concert on Friday night. Students who bought tickets were given the option to ride free on the DUPB bus to the Ogden Theatre. D.R.A.M. is a famous rapper, better known for his song, Broccoli with artist Lil Yachty.

“May Days is our longest running tradition here at DU. A lot of thought and effort goes into it to make sure everyone has a good time,” says Jordan Hernandez. He is a part of the traditions committee for the University of Denver Programming Board. Hernandez says that DUPB wants to ensure that everyone has a good time during the week of May Days. Not just DU students, but the community as well.


Students at Magic Night. Photo credit: Kat Weaver

“Probably my favorite thing about May Days is all the free stuff,” says Selene McConachy, “they have free t-shirts, free Dippin dots, and movie screenings.” According to DU students, the best thing about May Days is that everything is absolutely free with the exemption of the MusicFest. Students crowded the DUPB tent at every event to be able to obtain a 2017 May Days t-shirt or tank top. DUPB also did giveaways this year and students were able to win goodie bags filled with May Days swag. The food trucks throughout the week were also free, and students enjoyed the fact that the food was always different.

DUPB is known to host unique events that uplift the spirits of students here at the University  of Denver.

“I like being able to hang out on campus with some friends and being able to do things that are weird and kind of out of the ordinary,” says Ryan Teter. Students can agree that May Days serves as a distress event before the pressures of finals hit. It is also a time to celebrate the friendship that students have made over the course of the school year and to have fun with their peers.

“I think May Days is being proud to be a Pio. It’s a time to take pride in our school and have fun while you’re doing it,” says Hernandez as he and his team celebrate another successful year.


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  • Marisa Haag
    Marisa Haag says:

    It was cool to read about May Days, as it was something I never really participated in. It’s cool to see tradition continuing for so many years, and your interviews were done really well.

  • Kayla Principato says:

    I really liked your video! I never knew may days were DU’s longest tradition. Love all of the b-roll that you included!

  • Leah Swander
    Leah Swander says:

    I really enjoyed your video! You’re B-roll was really cool and matched with the interview in the background. I also like the shots of close up and behind the servers of dip-n-dots. Well done!

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