DU students react to restaurant closings

In the last two quarters at DU several businesses in the University area have either closed temporarily due to renovations for a new restaurant and business, or they have closed completely. The businesses that have closed are Nova frozen yogurt, Redford’s Tavern, and Noodles and Company.

Many students aren’t happy with these businesses decisions to close or sell. DU graduate student Kaela Martins was frustrated with the closing of Nova.

“It has been kind of hard because I’m a part of the DU Club Basketball team and that was our routine, pretty much after every game or practice we would go over to Nova.”


The building where Nova was previously located.

“I love ice cream so I was really upset when Nova closed, and they didn’t give us any warning, kind of the same with Redford’s and Noodles too. It was very all of the sudden. Noodles is good cheap food so it’s hard now because we have to driver further to get it”.

Nova wasn’t the only business that suddenly closed this past year, during the winter quarter Redford’s unexpectedly closed its doors to the public. DU junior, and former Redford’s employee, Michelle Connacher was just as surprised as everyone else when Redford’s closed its doors.

“I am now without a job. I had been working there on and off for three years now and they didn’t really tell us when they closed, and that they were getting sold. One day I was getting texts that the restaurant I worked for was closed, and that kinda sucked”.

Despite the closing of some favorite restaurants Martins is excited for the potential new businesses to go in their place.

“What sort of in the walking radius DU would need and I think it’s a burger place. We don’t have that. So that would be cool to put that in”.

She however also voices some concerns for the new businesses.

“I think it’s cool that new restaurants coming in. I’m always concerned because most businesses close within two years so it will be nice to find and install a restaurant that is actually going to stay and become a part of the DU community.”

However, Beineman believes that the addition of Four Friends Kitchen, another brunch spot, is a little repetitive for the DU community.DSC_3558

“A brunch spot, we have a lot around campus. So, it’s kind of repetitive to get a new one. Denver people love their brunch so maybe it will make the wait shorter, but I don’t see the need for it considering we already have restaurants that do that”.

Nova will be converted to a Boba tea place and will reopen once renovations are complete. The space that previously housed Noodles and Company is available for rent, meanwhile Redford’s is in the process of turning into Four Friend’s Kitchen. Four Friend’s Kitchen is a Southern inspired, contemporary American comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch. They serve a mixture of classic breakfast and lunch food along with some Southern dishes. Currently Four Friend’s Kitchen is planning to open sometime during this coming summer.

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