DU value art?


The University of Denver offers various major and minors in studio art, art history, emerging digital practices and so on though its School of Art & Art History. The University also has a student gallery, ceramics studio, painting and drawing studios, a darkroom, and a photo lab so that students can pursue their various artistic interests and goals. At a time when the arts are being defunded nationally it is important to consider what the value is of taking art, teaching art, and having art on campuses across the country. 

Jane Zunamon is a sophomore studio art and strategic communications major at the University Denver believes very much in the value of learning art, and having it accessible on campus. “I think that art is very valuable, especially because as a society we tend to focus on science, math, English. All that stuff is important, but it also hinders people’s creativity which I personally think is really important. Therefore, I think the value of art is that it allows people to use this tangible thing to express themselves that they might not be able to in like a math equation” stated Jane. She also believes that all students should be more involved in art on campus, by going to the exhibits in the Vicki Myhren Gallery located in the Shwayder Art Building that showcases art students’ hard work for example. 

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Alfredo Ortiz, a drawing professor at the University of Denver, said “I think one of the values of art is that you’re teaching students how to fish, so if they are ever down on their luck they can just sell their art and have something to eat. Even if they’re not majoring in art or an artistic field right now it can be a hobby to help students keep their sanity and express themselves.” Alfredo is raved about by most students who take his class, and its easy to see why because he really believes in the value of art and expression for his students. He also stated that he loves helping students and seeing that light bulb go off when they understand how to do something. “That’s what it is all about,” he said.

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Roddy MacInnes is the head of the photography department at DU. For him art is therapy, and he loves sharing and creating memories with students through photography. MacInnes especially loves how personal art can be. He believes that he obtains a significant insight into his students lives, and is able to really connect with people. MacInnes also stated that this type of connection wouldn’t be formed if he taught something like math instead of photography. MacInnes also said that everything is art, including himself and all of this surroundings. Photography is a great way to capture art, create memories, work through problems and form significant relationships with others.     

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