Students at DU utilize and praise Career Services Center

The University of Denver provides many ways to help students find success after graduation, mainly through the Career Services Center. Located under the Driscoll Bridge on the south side of Evans Avenue, the Career Services Center is tucked away into a cozy corner shared with Academic Advising. Staff and faculty offer assistance in many ways, such as looking over resumes and cover letters and connecting students with potential employers in a variety of industries.

“We review cover letters, resumes, job search strategies, salary negotiations, as well as getting ready for career fairs and anything really in between that,” said Career Services Center employee Claire Whitnah. Also a junior at the University of Denver, Whitnah has been assisting fellow students in their post-graduate planning since 2016. “We also do outreach stuff like dine and dialogues, career fairs and other little more niche events for specific engineering and science students, as well as arts and humanities,” said Whitnah.

Resume assistance is one of the first services offered after an appointment is made at the Career Services Center. “I first went in there as a sophomore, and got help with my resume,” said University of Denver junior Quentin Favia. Additionally, when the initial appointment is made, you are paired up with a specific advisor through whom you can contact individually to ask questions, seek advice or make appointments with. That advisor stays with you throughout your career services experience. “I got hooked up with this great guy, still work with him over the last two years editing my resume and stuff like that… he helped me get my first job,” said Favia.

Career fairs are held often on campus, with one every few months. They are a popular and easy resource for students to meet future employers and create a long-lasting connection with peers in their intended industries. The career fairs include both workshops, panels and networking events, as well as specific alumni-only meet and greets. Additionally, the fairs can help students find internships and jobs during their time as an enrolled student. “Actually, the job I’m working for this summer was set up through a DU job fair,” said Favia. The Career Service Center is responsible for setting up the fairs and advertises them on campus through posters and emails, and the attendance is rather high.

Another, albeit online, feature the Career Services Center hosts is the University of Denver job board. The job board is a platform where potential employers can post part-time or career-related jobs of any type that are offered to the DU student body. “I used the job board, and it was actually one of the easiest things, I applied to like four jobs, got two emails back, and instantly a call for an interview,” said University of Denver junior Mathais Solberg. “It took me maybe a week and a half,” said Solberg.

The Career Services Center also offers an online platform known as Alumnifire that connects current students with DU alumni who post jobs, offer career advice and build a network with the student. Additional LinkedIn profile guidance can be sought through the Career Services Center.

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