DU strives for inclusive excellence in trying political climate

Denver- In a trying time in American politics the University of Denver wants to open its arms and respect students of all different backgrounds. In a year that has been rough for many minorities, indigenous peoples, and immigrants due to a multitude of political events such as the travel ban and standing rock DU has decided to continue share their values of acceptance. Early this May DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management held a dinner celebrating the traditional foods of Native Americans. All were invited as the graduate culinary students of the hospitality school prepared an amazing array of dishes distinguished from tribes throughout America.

Nevertheless, there was a somber tone over dinner as the Native community lost a great battle with the Federal Government to protect their lands at Standing Rock from the Keystone XXL pipeline. A decision to divert the pipeline around the area was made by ex-president Barack Obama. However, with Hillary Clintons loss to far right candidate Donald Trump victory was short lived as the protesters were forced out on February 24th, only a little over a month since he took office.

Alec Fertel, Representative of the Hospitality School on the Undergraduate Student Government, was shocked, “I can’t believe in the right mind the government would take away land from people who have lived on these lands far long than we have… it’s extremely important that now more than ever we do events like these to spread and recognize the cultures of all members of our community.” Danny Brown, and 4th year undergraduate student involved with the Inclusive Excellence club at DU was equally shocked and supportive, “it’s good to be an ally and support at event like this and times like this… in any political climate it’s important to hold events like these and promote them.”

Support continues to be felt by those groups discriminated against by the current presidency’s policies. After the Trumps “Travel Ban” was signed into law, Chancellor Chopp immediately sent out a letter to students and faculty promising they would do everything in their power to protect students impacted. We are also seeing more and more resistance to the administrations from cities that are taking sanctuary status to protect immigrants and many as well supporting the climate change regulations of the Paris Climate Agreement which Trump has just pulled out of. A feeling of resistance begins to loom in the air across Americans whether it comes from college’s or cities.


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