Do DU students lack school spirit?

This slideshow represents my story, We have spirit, DU? Visually. It gives the reader a visual image of the places and buildings I describe in my article, and helps bring my story to life and send a stronger message.

I learned several things from this process. First I learned not to try to write the captions before I take my photos, as I had attempted to do. I thought doing so would help me take photos more efficiently, but in the end I scraped my original captions and worked with the best photos I had instead. Also, I learned the importance of planning ahead. I planned to get my people shots during an actual game to show the empty stands and uninterested fans present at most games. However, the weekend I choose has a higher attendance rate than any other game the entire year, without question, which contradicts my argument I make throughout my article. Next time, I will plan ahead better.

Overall, the photographic process had its ups and downs, and although not every shot turned out exactly as I had originally planned, many of the shots worked well. For example, I went to photograph the ticket booth sign, and although the photo was boring and underexposed, I was able to capture the fact that there were no students in line to buy tickets. I had not originally thought to photograph the empty bleachers outside of the Ritchie Center, but it worked because they look so vast and empty in the photo. I also had planned to take photos of the tower at night when it was lit, but the day time shots with the sun coming through in the background came out better than I had expected. Both of these photos could easily be linked to my story, and give the reader a good visual to help make the issues I describe more real.

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  • shoad
    shoad says:

    I thought this was a great slideshow, and showed a lot of images of the wonderful facilities DU’s sports teams have as well of the lack of students coming to use them. I thought the captions were well-written and the content matched the story well.

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