A look into the dynamics of men and women’s club lacrosse teams

Club Sports are a main part of the student life at the University of Denver and the goal of this slideshow was to get people to see how they work. It was intended to provide an outline of what Club Lacrosse is like at DU for the men and women’s teams. I took pictures of both teams, their practices and their captains to demonstrate the different dynamics that make up their teams. I also wanted to portray the effort that goes into being part of a club sports team because although it is fun, it also takes dedication.

The main thing I wanted to show was a comparison between the men and women’s teams because they have a lot of similarities, but they also have a lot of differences. I intended to show the parallels between the two by keeping the photos consistent and straightforward. This slideshow depicts what the practices and dynamics of club lacrosse are like.

I decided to take pictures of both teams at their practices because that is an essential way that they build their competitiveness. I wanted to get action shots, pictures of the teams talking, of them warming up as well as their sticks and their equipment to provide a contrast of people and objects. I took the first picture of the door of the club sports building because that is where the behind the scenes activity goes on and I wanted to show all aspects of club sports. The pictures were all very easy to capture because I had choices in what I wanted to photograph. I took pictures of the men’s practice because it showed them in action and I took pictures of the women’s teaming warming up. I took pictures of their sticks and equipment because the sticks are different for each team.

For me, the whole photography process was very easy because I knew that the men and women both had practices on Mondays and Wednesdays so I went to the end of the men’s practice and the beginning of the women’s all at the same time. It was easy because the content was all there but it was also hard because I didn’t get to stay at the women’s practice as long as I wanted. If I could do it differently I would have stayed longer to get a variety. I took a lot of pictures of the men doing drills and scrimmaging but many of them came out blurry because I was too far away, or didn’t capture the subjects in the way I wanted them to. The ones I did chose to use were ones that had the best composition, lighting and depth of field. I chose to take individual portraits of the captains because I think they are the most important people on the team and deserved their own pictures, but then I wanted to make sure I had lots of pictures of the teams because they work together. I wanted to get the Astroturf field in the majority of the pictures because many of the boundary lines provided a good frame for the pictures. Overall, the photography process for this slideshow worked well.

Since my Issue Story No. 1 was based on the dynamics of men and women’s club lacrosse, this slideshow provided the visual representation for that. They were linked together to tell the full story of what club lacrosse is like at DU. The pictures I took for the slideshow were able to give me a better understanding of how the practices were run and how the teams work together. It helped me understand the passion and diversity that goes into club sports teams and why students at DU choose to play them.

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