DU students take on distances

The topic of this slideshow is long distance relationships. While this topic is hard to photograph I tried to take pictures that embodied some of the ideas of long distance relationships. Long distance relationships (LDR’s) are something that has become a norm in the college scene and often causes a lot of stress to students when they are trying to balance a relationship in the mix with school work, jobs, and extracurriculars. When trying to get photos of couples it posed several issues. Some of the couples I wanted to photograph were several states apart, others broke up after I had interviewed them, so naturally photographing them was not an option, and some requested to remain anonymous, which posed challenges for pictures. I was really only able to photograph one couple together, which required me to use my imagination when taking pictures of them, as well as using different types of photos in the slide show. The photos that I chose to use in my slide show I chose because I thought they represented what the couples told me about their relationships and how they cope with the distance. For instance Moore and Fatta are in the same state and live an hour away from each other. Fatta often comes up to DU on the weekends to spend time with Moore so I was able to get them together and take picture of them together. However, in French’s case her boyfriend lives in Illinois and the next time he is coming to visit is in May so I had to improvise and take pictures of her Skyping with him, for instance, and talking on the phone, etc.
After writing my issue story number one and interviewing several couples about how they cope with the distance I realized that while I thought many of the relationships were the same or similar, they weren’t, so i really wanted to capture what it was like to live 100 miles away from each other as opposed to 1,000 miles away from each other. This made the way I took photos of Moore and Fatta different from the way I took photos of French. Taking photos of this topic was also difficult because while the couples agreed to it, it felt somewhat awkward taking photos of them in what felt like should’ve been a private moment shared just between the two of them and not between the three of us. However, all of the people who were in the pictures were thrilled with the outcome and very very appreciative of the photos.

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  • Ariana Hernandez
    Ariana Hernandez says:

    I really liked the pictures you used. The closing one was a great one to end the slideshow, and it really matched the caption well. I also liked that you used pictures of objects, such as, the phone and the map. That stats were really informative and were combined well with quotes from your issue story.

  • ktanita
    ktanita says:

    I really liked the creativity you used to do this slideshow. Like you stated in the beginning, it was hard to take pictures of couples who had long distance relationships but you were creative and you made it seem very cohesive. All of your captions applied to the photos and I really liked that you used quotes in a lot of them. It is a very relatable topic and I think you brought everything together really well. The variety and types of pictures you used were also beneficial, especially the one with the girl skyping her boyfriend.

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