DU students drink despite dictate


Drinking is often associated with having fun, but I wanted to give underage students out there an idea of the consequences it can have. I didn’t want my pictures to be completely over the top ie someone passed out drunk, but I did want to show that students actually have alcohol on campus, something I touched on in the first issue. I wanted to convey the realities of underage drinking to students out there, specifically ones that are underage.

The slideshow mixes pictures of students with shots from around the university. I also incorporated some of the quotes I used in the first issue, but I included new statistics as well. I started the slideshow with the picture I did because personally, it was one of my favorite shots and I thought it was visually dynamic.

I chose to photograph actual underage students with alcohol, because despite the university’s desire not to have students drink, a good portion of them still do. According to the university, alcohol misuse is identified as “possession… of alcohol,” so I wanted to make sure students didn’t get in trouble. One of the ways I made sure I didn’t divulge their identity was by backlighting them so their faces wouldn’t be visible. I also focused on different parts of their body like their hand or the back of their head when I did use regular lighting. I wanted to get pictures of their alcohol alone that kind of resembled stock photos, in terms of their composition and lighting.

I also walked around campus and down Evans to get some scenic shots to balance out the shots with people in them. I also wanted to present the opportunities students may have to get alcohol in the DU community. I chose to photograph those shots leaving space around the subject so I could go in and add captions later. I took a few pictures of students just to round it out.

Personally, I think a lot of the photos looked better staged and with specific lighting. I was inspired by stock photos online, so I set up the shots so that the light was shining on the bottles from above, and I think it turned out nicely. What didn’t work was trying to take quick pictures with my iPhone; I ended up using one of them but the rest were just to blurry. I also found it difficult to get good shots of students in a covert manner. Next time, I would definitely use a higher resolution camera, and also take the opportunity to go out to a club, or at least a few pictures of one. I would get pictures of students again because I think it’s important for DU to know that students are getting around the rules. I excluded a lot of the shots I took around DU because they didn’t really relate to the subject of the slideshow, the students.

I covered the same topic I did for the first issue, but that was a little bit more in depth and one on one with students. I couldn’t really get one on one in pictures with students, so I decided to make it a little bit more distant. The photo project inspired me to look at the project differently because it made me come face to face with how students actually get around the rules, and how easy it is for them to do so.

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  • tastbury
    tastbury says:

    The pictures in your slideshow were creative and worked well with your captions. There were a few pictures where you had the caption form to the picture (i.e. the martini glass, guys lying down), I thought that was creative. Also your captions were easy to read.

  • abgruber
    abgruber says:

    I thought this was a very well done, very cool slideshow. The way you formatted some of your captions was very clever and different. I like your statisics that you have and how you managed to keep the privacy factor. Very well done.

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