A day in the life of fitness

For this slideshow I wanted to bring across the story of what people do to keep in shape. I felt like trying to cover the exact topic that I did for issue story number one would have been too hard to expand a whole slideshow on it. So instead I decided to expand the topic out into the topic of fitness.

So with this slideshow I tried to show the different things that people do for fitness, such as I started with people doing abs after they had just did an arm workout. I thought the ab workout would look better in photo form more so than did the arms. Then I went to show an arm workout which I thought would be good to see some weights in the slideshow. After that I wanted to show what other people did outside of a gym, and I felt I captured that pretty well. Then I ended it with different supplements for working out, pre and post workout.

I decided to photograph what I did, because it showed the story of how fitness works. It shows how one could either play sports, ride a bike or go to the gym. It showed where the gym at school is located and where one could do simple workouts such as sit-ups and push-ups outside of a gym. I just feel the subjects that I photographed allowed me to photograph these different sources of fitness.

If I could go back and take different photographs I probably would. I would do so, because I think it would be better to get more photos that were taken at the gym. Photos could have included things such as the Gates Field House in Coors Fitness Center, people playing racquet ball, doing squats or benching. What worked is the photos that I have. I took a lot of crappy ones, but the ones that I have I like. I feel like they are good quality for being shot with an iPhone. I would have liked to get more photos though.

I feel like this slideshow linked up to my issue story by how it was able to show this concept of fitness. Like I mentioned earlier I sort of had to broaden the topic out so that I could get enough photos due to not fully knowing the copyright issues at the Coors Fitness Center, but they slideshow that I was able to get showed somewhat of my issue story. I took some of these photos in February so they allowed me to see how attendance at the Coors Fitness Center already dropped. Attendance is not what it used to be, which if I was writing this story now, I would have tried a different topic. Since I did not thought I feel like the story and slideshow should work together.

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