DU students show lack of support

Throughout the country, prestigious athletic programs at elite universities pride themselves in having great support from their fans. Within these collegiate communities, many of the fans are students, and their attendance levels for every home game, regardless of the sport, are staggering. This inspired me to look into the amount of student support here at the University of Denver, and why student attendance rates are so low.

In order to obtain the information I was seeking, I went to many of the basketball games here on campus. I also watched a few of the gymnastics meets and hockey games to truly get a feel for what I was researching. I found that students are most supportive and attentive at hockey games; however, basketball and gymnastics were a different story.

Having said that, I brought my camera to a few of the basketball games and took pictures. I looked for things that would prove that attendance levels were low at games within the arena, so I photographed empty sections, and parents and siblings calmly sitting in the designated student section. I also took a picture of the sign that points out the lone section devoted to students for basketball games.

I then went to the game that was nationally televised on ESPN to see if more people would come. As I expected, the attendance total amongst students was four times larger; four sections were devoted to students. Additionally, other students sat sporadically throughout the the arena, cheering louder than ever before at the University of Denver.

Personally, I liked a lot of the shots that I took. I thought I got some interesting angles and candid shots of students cheering at the game. I was satisfied that I was able to take enough pictures in order to avoid having someone pose for a picture. Many of the quotes that I took for my original story related to my photos, and I thought putting quotes next to the pictures within the slideshow offered a unique perspective.

Having said that, however, I found it difficult to take many of the shots that I wanted to with my point and shoot camera. It struggled at times to capture the lighting, and pictures that I took of the actual game were unusable due to a lack of clarity.

I covered the same topic as I did for the first issue, but I tended to focus more on the attendance of basketball games, due to the fact that it was much more interesting to follow than the rest of the sports. I would have liked to have a few more pictures from different angles, but it was difficult to position myself in places to take photos never seen before.

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  • Rebecca Blaettner
    Rebecca Blaettner says:

    I think you did a really goof job shooting and picking photos that illustrate your story very well. I like your opening photo as it tells the reader/viewer right from the beginning what the slideshow will be about. Your building on that with a nice mix of pictures, showing the facilities, empty student section seating areas and pictures of individuals purchasing tickets. One rather confusing thing for me however are the single quotes slides. Even though you give attribution to the quotes there is still the question if the person we see in the picture is the one attributed to the quote.

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