School, work and social life – A triple burden

With my slideshow I tried to illustrate the topic of working students on the DU campus and how they handle the triple burden of work, school and social life.
Though I mixed photos of the DU campus and its facilities with photos of my three interview partners for the first issue story, I primarily tried to capture the three students being busy with work, doing homework and engaging in social activities. The latter however was not very successful as I didn’t have the opportunity to follow them around a lot in their free time.
What I got most pictures of, are the three students at work or doing homework, which actually fits very well the point I want to make with this slideshow, namely that it is hard for them to find enough time during the day for anything else besides going to class, going to work and doing their homework.
Admittedly, it would have been more interesting for the reader to see the people engaging in different activities as well, but I tried to put some variety in the photos by framing the shots differently and using different angles.

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  • Anna Dreiling
    Anna Dreiling says:


    This was a great slideshow! I absolutely loved that you chose to incorporate the text into the pictures in an aesthetically pleasing way. It made the slideshow that much better. You also did a good job of making sure that the captions matched the pictures you were describing. The pictures also did justice to the topic, which might have been a bit harder to take pictures of than your average topic. Great job!

  • gpeccolo
    gpeccolo says:

    Great pics, great topic! I like how you posed questions for the audience, and it was nice that you showed us three different students with three different dilemmas to give us a better sense of what is going on. I have a work study job as well and the main problem it gives me is that I usually have to work on Friday and Saturday nights.

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