Unpaid Internships Cost- and Benefit- DU Students

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For this slideshow, I tried to capture images of DU, places mentioned in my story, and people I interviewed. Since students work at their internships, it was difficult to actually find people working on the job- I had to stage images of my subjects working outside of their jobs and more at homes. It was difficult to get action shots about the actual subject of work and internships, so I had to think creatively to capture and find other images to illustrate my story.
On my next slideshow, I’d like to start documenting photos while I’m interviewing, as it makes it much easier to illustrate and interview in one take. I plan to take a lot more photos next time, even of the same subject, just to make sure I have a good shot. It never hurts to have too many photos to choose from, and I would like to have people in all my shots rather than having to resort to screenshots as I did with one of my slides.
But overall, I feel like this is a good slideshow for my story, as it covers a lot of details not necessarily mentioned in the story and gives visual images of daily college life surrounding the topic of unpaid internships and college credit.

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